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Thank you for stopping by our game page. We are currently in the middle of our Kickstarter campaign and hope to have a working demo (the first one was a little too rough for mass consumption) around the 10th of April   some time soon.  So though there is no download here (yet) if it sounds like something you would dig check out the Kickstarter and get a copy on the cheap and get some swag while you're at it. 

Link <-- click here.

Allonian Seed is a narrative adventure/exploration game where you play as a bot created from a mysterious crystalline object known as the Seed. These robots are sentient, intelligent beings who can be sent on tasks or directly controlled by the player. You, as a robot, have found yourself in the home of a family that needs your help, even if they don't realize it yet -- or how much the bots will need their help.   

As your understanding of the world grows, so will your numbers, and with the Seed now active inside the family PC and fueled by the activities on the STEEM, you will be greeted with new parts (bodies,heads, and various tools) and possibly even new robots with their own abilities and missions.

  • Every player begins with one bot.
  • Five bots per user can be in play at any given time. 
  • Users get weekly "gear modules" based on their participation in the block chain (posts, comments, etc.).
  • Parts are finite, and there will be a market place to buy or trade parts.
  • Single-player game with rich story-line connecting you to the world.
  • Over 1000 possible body and part combinations at launch.  
  • Mix and match eyes, legs, and support. 
  • Have access to 3D printable "action figures" that can be mixed and matched, as well (kind of like reverse Skylanders).
  • Asynchronous design allows play without an internet connection. *
  • Every person who buys the game will have an account created on STEEM to start blogging right away.

* Any items found in the game will show as "needs appraisal" and are not available for use until the internet connection is restored.

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