A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

WayFinder:The Board Game,  is a turn based, randomly generated, board game inspired (hence the name), space adventure for up to 6 players (4 currently). 

In the game you take the role of one of the crew members as they protect their ship from invaders, explore alien worlds, and escort important dignitaries to their desired locations.  Helped by the unique abilities associated with each crew member type.

Each game is unique, determined by the "cards" and the crew members selected.  With each player able to be knocked out by enemies or the environment you and your friends will need to work as a team to complete the mission's assigned tasks.

Along with the main tasks each character class will be given (based on the cards) special tasks that must be completed through out the game adding puzzles and other obstacles to overcome.


This is an early release preview of the game which is being funded by supporters of Vague Entertainment over at Patreon. (unless other interested parties come along) If you're interested in showing your support for this and all other games and software I'm working on check out https://www.patreon.com/vagueentertainment and consider becoming a patron.

All updates here on itch.io will be dictated, in part, by the patrons over on Patreon this way they get exclusive access to the game and any other game created by Vague Entertainment.

These are the features planned for the final version:

  •  First mission with all 4 encounters fully scripted and realized.
  •  Local and network play options.
  • A mobile app to interface with the game for increased ambience and character management.
  •  Casual and progressive play for those that want to level up their crew members (requires mobile app).
  • More detailed characters and cards to make the world "come alive".
  • Interactive combat system that changes the challenge based on what kind of combatant you face and what class your are playing.
  • And any other feature requested by the patrons over at Patreon.

In this version you can:

  • Select one of 4 playable characters with randomly generated names (for the downloadable versions.
  • Build the map.
  • Move around the map (there is at least one path finding bug).
  • Engage in very simple combat with enemies.
  •  Hit key events within the map to finish the mission.

This project started as a part of the Godot Wild Jam #23 here on itch.io. However, the project itself is an amalgamation of various earlier projects and influenced by friends and family that are willing to help test the game.

If this seems to be your kind of game, please consider checking out our Patreon page. To find out how you can be a part of the development for this and any other projects I'm currently working on.

Install instructions

Each archive provides everything you need to run the game. Just decompress and launch the game per your OSes standard.

Note: I cant test the macOS or Windows versions so they might have issues.


WFBG_mac.zip 31 MB
WFBG-Lin.tar.xz 73 MB
WFBG-Win.zip 120 MB

Development log


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